For the Love of Luna

LunaLuna is one of our “long term” patients…we see her each week. She works out on the cavaletti poles, gets soft tissue mobilizations, LASER treatment and sometimes myofascial trigger point needling (also called dry needling). All these in combination with her medications have helped Luna tremendously with her arthritis. This has allowed Luna to continue her work as a certified therapy dog where she brings much joy to many people. As you can see, Luna certainly enjoys her time with us! And we enjoy seeing Mom and Luna too. 

Luna also has a Bio-Pulse Magnetic Therapy Bed© at home that provides pain relief from common problems associated with hip dysplasia, arthritis, muscle, tendon or ligament injury, and old-age stiffness and soreness. 


Soft tissue mobilizations or massage, is the systematic application of manual pressure and movement of soft tissues, including skin, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and muscle. Soft tissue techniques can be used to increase range of motion, promote healing and reduce pain.

 Dry needling has helped with Luna’s myofascial pain syndrome which is associated with a taut band of muscle fibers within the affected muscle. Multiple trigger points (extremely tender spots) are within these taut bands where the muscle fibers have become fixed in a contracted state. This contracture can result in both loss of motor function and chronic pain. Dr. Shults is trained to diagnose myalgia (muscle pain and dysfunction) in pets and to treat this painful condition with a variety of therapies.

Cavaletti poles are part of our gym program. We have many different strengthening tools designed specifically to help your pet. Which may include balance pods and discs. Wobble boards, donuts, and peanuts…Oh my! Please give us call and we would be happy to customize a program for you and your pet. I’m sure Luna would love the company! 

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